Third party verification TPV 


Contract verification by phone

Summing up...

Benefits of third party verification

Third party verification (TPV) is a process of getting an independent party to confirm that your customers are actually requesting a change or ordering a new service or product. By putting your customers on the phone, Assist Call Center asks your customers for their identity, confirms that they are the authorized decision makers and approves their orders.


Additionally, other advantages of this services include validating your customers data, identifying and correcting errors, and spotting fraudulent contracts.



of the calls are answered in less than 20 seconds


of the calls are monitored and recorded


of satisfaction. Without a term contract. Sign up for your free trial


of the time above the service-level agreement (SLA)

Our value proposition

Verifications can be run every time a customer is signing up, with a salesperson, or later all together.


  • Telephone calls are handled 365 days per year.
  • We speak English, Spanish, Catalan and French.
  • Audio files can be download from our website for 1 year
  • We comply with the GDPR.
  • No term contracts.
  • Free trial periods.

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