Telephone surveys 


Surveys conducted by our call center agents

Summing up...

100% surveys are completed

Assist Call Center guarantees the carrying out of telephone surveys.


Depending on the universe and type of survey, the response rate changes. This directly affects the number of phone calls to be made and their margin-of-error. Therefore, to negotiate the budget we first need to conduct a pre-survey (preliminary test) and extrapolate these results to the desired sample.


With our services, our clients can analyze all the responses in real time.

Our value proposition

Beyond the hands-on work, in collaboration with the consulting firm Información Técnica y Cientísfica S.L. (Infortécnica), we also advice our clients on the design of the survey and the analysis of results.


  • Budgets depen on the sample size.
  • We speak English, Spanish, Catalan and French.
  • Surveys are assisted by CATI and automatic dialers (predictive and progressive).
  • Supported forms: Limesurvey, Surveymonkey, Google forms, etc.
  • Surveys are automated (IVR) or conducted by a call center agent.
  • Responses are monitored and available for our clients in real time.
  • We work with internal and external data bases.

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